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After learning about the six different dimensions of culture, I realized that the various ways that each country views power and the normalizes that they consider to be their culture, are defined within these categories. These categories include power distance, individualism, masculinity, uncertainty avoidance, long term orientation, and indulgence. There is also a chart that compares the rate at which each of these countries value these six dimensions within their culture. Many countries are quite different from the U.S. because we allow alot more range and freedom when it comes to all of the six dimensions. In the U.S. , the culture tends to value individualism and indulgence giving us more of a freedom to be ourselves and take care of our personal and individual needs, where as China values power distance and long term orientation. China is more resistant to equality of all people in the area of power. In the U.S. compared to both Brazil and Bulgaria, individualism, indulgence, and masculinity once again rank highest. Compared to Brazil and Bulgaria, their cultures value power distance and uncertainty avoidance highly . These difference will impact business writing differently throughout the globe because of the cultures value systems. What a country does not value, they will not put emphasis on. What a culture deems as most valuable in the six dimensions, will be the primary focus throughout their business writing because it will attract that particular audience.

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When creating a good power point presentation, there are some key things you will want to remember. You can start by educating yourself on good and bad examples of power point presentations. Once you have learned this, you will be ready to apply what you’ve learned, to the development of your presentation to make sure it is an success.


As you learn more about the proper way to set up your power point presentation, you will find that this is an example of what you do not want to do in your presentation. This would be compacting too many words into one slide. By doing so, you will overwhelm the reader and most likely lose their attention because too much is being explained within one slide.


Here is another example of something you want to avoid when making your power point presentation. This would be an overuse of bright or distracting color blends. Yellow is obviously a hard color to read, but putting these words in front of an also bright lime green background makes it all the more hard to read. If you want to focus the attention of the audience, do not use fonts or colors that overpower the message.


This is a display of a good power point presentation. It is clean and neat. The colors blend and the pictures are not distracting. The words are also short and to the point. The presenter used a question to further engage his audience, which is also good use of presentation.


This is another example of a good power point presentation. It is clean, neat and simple. The colors are not overpowering each other and the picture is clear. The words are kept simple and to the point.The picture and word layout are lined up evenly creating balance. Keeping these things in mind will also help to ensure a successful presentation.

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After reading this cover letter I found it to be one of a kind. In most cases the idea of presenting your resume is to present yourself in the most professional and impressive way possible. Ideally you would like to include things that add to character and make you stand out from the crowd, so that the hiring manager will feel like you are just what they need. In this case the young man did stand out from among the rest in a way that most would never do. He was completely honest in not holding very much back about his character or what he finds interesting and not interesting. He was letting them know that he could do with or without the offer. Most individuals looking for a job, would not want to put themselves in a position to lose the offer before they get it. But that’s what makes his cover letter all the more unique. The only time I feel that I could possibly pull something like that off would be if I was the boss of my own very successful company and it was a situation where I knew I had other options for income that would benefit me just the same. It takes a certain confidence that is very rare to put yourself in a position like this and not really care what the person on the opposite end thinks or how it will turn out because in the end, you know you will be fine either way.

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Improving and touching up your writing skills is something that everyone should make time for from time to time. The benefits of it are essential to so many others aspects of communication and life. Effective writing should be stirred up. It’s something that you build overtime. Sometimes in the professional work world, one can get caught up in the cares of day to day life and not take time to really think about what they want to write before hand. It is important to preplan and brainstorm the message that you are trying to get across so that it can be done most efficiently. Also learning to be direct with your message and avoid using extra words, but use the words that are most efficient. By planning and rereading your work, this will ensure the best for your writing and your message. And also remember that sometimes less is more when using words. Pick the most effective and to the point words and your message will remain direct and keep from losing the audiences attention, and ultimately be the best piece of writing it can be.

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Georgette Beason
Doctor Rod
ENGL 317
About Effective Business Writing
When understanding the basics of business writing, it is good to start with a foundationalunderstanding of business writing. From there, one will want to gain a basic knowledge of how to makeones own writing effective. Writing for business is different than other writing types. This is becauseaccording to Effective Business Writing, it can be described as a form of communication that is writtenfor the purposes of addressing an audience for a particular business topic. Some forms of businesswriting or business communication can include emails, memos, presentations, marketing campaigns andresearch development.
Communication is the foundation for any business. When you have proper communication, allideas can be communicated effectively from writer or team to audience. For business writers, one partof the main task is structuring their writing to inform others of a business proposition or topic related tothe business at hand, while the other half handles propositions given from others. Knowing yourpurpose as a business writer is key. When you are writing are you trying to inform, persuade argue,invite, or something else? Knowing this will keep a steady and effective communication flow betweenwriter and audience.
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How to Make Wise Decisions in Business



By Synade Beason

A young man from the DMV area decided to create a brand in which he could use his creative and productive skills to design fashion pieces and inspire others.

“My name is Logan and I work under the art of screen printing, directive designing, photography and film creation,” said Logan Conway, 21, owner and designer of The Alt Wave Clothing Company.

“I took what I enjoyed from middle school and high school and really got serious about it during my sophomore year of college,” Conway said. “I have always wanted to make things I could share with other people”.


“The only thing stopping you most of the time is you. If you have the will to get it done, you can get it done,” Conway said.

Conway specializes in consulting and selling clothing products. He also directs campaigns for other clothing brands. He is a firm believer that it is important to pay off his knowledge and understanding of the business to other young people who are striving to be successful creative designers as well.


“Put yourself out there,” Conway said. For networking and growing purposes, he is planning to move once he has graduated. Conway has also advised young people on how to be smarter with directive choices by taking more calculated risks and networking.

“Look at the reasons you go into it. It is not about the financial aspect, but more so whether it makes you happy,” Conway said. Conway understands that networking, responding well to changes, and willingness to move around really helps in this business. But he does advice that one really examine their reasoning for going into the business.

“Don’t worry about haters and don’t stress yourself out. Remember that you are a person. A business is a machine, a person is not. Make time for yourself in order to be better for the business. This means self-maintenance and taking time out to take care of you or even that extra few minutes to make breakfast for yourself,” Conway said.

“When you force it, you lose a lot of quality. When it stops being fun and enjoyable maybe you should take a step back,” Conway said. This advice can be essential to anyone in whatever career path they are taking.

Within the next year, Conway has planned move somewhere between New York and Virginia, creating an in-home studio, and doing some national traveling. He would like to be accessible at pop up shops and tours, as well as in collaboration with many other designers and shops in the future.




In The Mind of a Developing Entrepreneur


By Synade Beason

A young girl from the DMV decides to branch out and beat the odds of a young woman starting a successful business at such a young age.

“I am from the DMV area. I am 21- years -old and I design and own a shoe business,” said Deja Davis, 21, owner and designer of TND Collection Shoe Boutique.

“I started off in high school doing entrepreneurship galas,” said Davis. “It just stuck with me”. Like most youngsters, Davis had a dream growing up of starting her own business. What stood out for her was that she continued to pursue her vision.

Davis knows it’s important to stay abreast of what is going on in the fashion world. She understands that this is truly the way to the hearts of the people. Simply know what they want. “I follow trends and then start to make things my own,” Davis said.

Davis also spends time volunteering with local outreach programs which support the youth. Davis encourages youth to use all resources as a platform. “Take advantage of social media,” Davis said. “Even if you are not sure, put it out there and people give you you’re feedback negative or positive”.

Davis has also been given the opportunity to come and join the News Channel 8 Team every season, to discuss the latest fashion trends. She is very high fashion, and enjoys sharing her fashion knowledge with others.

Davis is a firm believer that whenever the opportunity is given to you to enhance your likelihood of success, you should take it. “I am definitely going to take criticism and improve from it because I am doing something I’m really passionate about”.

Currently Davis has an array of sandals ranging in all colors with different furs and flower decor, hand crafted and custom made. One may request a custom made sandal or purchase one of her creations, and enjoy the luxury sandal for the summer season.

Davis is not done yet. She plans to largely expand her business and sees great success coming over the future for her brand. “I have a three to five year plan of launching shoes wearable for all year round,” Davis said. I also plan on starting my website”.

To get in touch with Davis about purchasing or business inquires, you can contact her through email at With the positive and dedicated outlook that Davis holds over her business and success, only great things can be expected of Davis and her business in the future. Davis plans to continue to follow her dreams and will check back in the near future.

Company Provides Hair Stylists with Chance to Start Business


By Synade Beason

A Parkville hair salon suite has opened up it’s building to hairstylists, providing the opportunity for small hair salon businesses to rent a suite within their building space.

“What really makes this company unique is that any salon business owner can start their business here,” said Rebecca Greene, 32, salon representative. “The owner wanted to provide the opportunity for small salons to open and begin their brand under her unit.”

This business is set up with many rooms within the building, and is a space for other individual salon businesses to rent rooms within the unit. This also gives businesses the opportunity to build their brand under this company.

The idea of the private suite concept, has allowed for Phenix Suites to become the fastest growing salon concept in the U.S. The founding family was in the salon business for decades and familiar with what it takes to be the best.

One can find many unique businesses to learn and experiment with. The idea was to provide something for anyone’s beauty needs. From hair and nails, to skin and body health. Founder Gina Rivera knew the value of ensuring individual salon needs were met.

This company does not just focus on itself. Most companies endorse themselves and produce their own products and services. This company focuses on giving opportunities for other small businesses to flourish. It also promotes productivity in the community.

This provides an useful outlet for small businesses in the community.The set up brings more attention to each of the individual businesses and also allows for rapid growth. Each door to a room, leads to various businesses. Each maintaining individuality while still running under the same roof.

Some doors have unique signs, which help attract customers. One may find themselves noticing the font and design of a business name such as Visage Hair Styling, with bold black cursive font and a pink design of a woman’s face.

One will also notice that they have professional yet private setups. One room was a hair salon, which had everything that a real salon would have, including hair wash and styling station, and cabinets full of hair tools and products.

This company promotes support amongst business owners. They also work to remain organized and effective. The company wanted to make space for a variety so that there is an opportunity for anyone to find the services they are looking for.




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